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Godzilla plus gammera!

Run Time 72 Minutes
Air date: 03/02/12 Rated: PG

Godzilla vs the sea Monster;
on a remote island in the south seas, red
bamboo controls the natives as slaves in
order to ward off the local island
monster - hebra; a mutant crab. but when
a group of concerned friends lands on
the island to find their missing friend
godzilla comes to help defeat the evil
Hebra & free the natives once more!

the first of the turtle franchise,
gammera is awakened during a routine
nuclear missle test. in his anger,
gammera feeds off of the worlds energy
sources with no end in site.

this is the 3rd creature double feature
presented by old school horror theater
More to come...........
In 1976, Cinema Shares released Godzilla vs. Megalon theatrically. Riding the
coattails of Dino De Laurentiis' big-budget King Kong remake, The poster art
showed Godzilla and Megalon battling on top of the World Trade Center,
despite the fact that no scenes were set in New York City. As it would with its
later Godzilla releases, Cinema Shares opted to use the English dub created
by Toho.
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