Old School Horror Pictures & OSH Entertainment, LLC has completed a new short digital
horror film entitled
The Picture. Starring Mentor's own Bob Gray and Ohio's award-winning
actor Rick Montgomery Jr, the film is set in the late 1800"s. Picture was filmed on location in
the Lake County Historical Society Museum and in the City of Mentor. "An eerie tale of
suspense and horror..."
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The Picture entered into National Horror Festivals
Legend of Diablero available April 2010
Old School Horror Theater Coming Soon!
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Part 1: The Picture
Conor Sullivan, Tiffany Hilton,
Joseph Damon & Deana Costa
Introducing Amanda Gray
Music by Murderous Vision
The Legend
Gaining strength
"Is that you Sara?"
Run Annie!
Under its spell
"Who's there?!"
Power of the beast
Thomas Greywolf
Legend speaks of this night....
Entering Hells Hollow
Director Nicholas Villa II and crew setting up.
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