Cast Profiles
Francis 'De Fiend

Height: 7' Weight: 285lbs. Black hair &
green skin. Likes: Horror films, puppies
and long walks on the beach. Dislikes:
Rude people, funyon breath and chics
who don't put out on the first date.
"When I'm not on set or working on my next film I'm at
Old School baby!"  
Bob Gray - Mentor, OH.-Producer/Director/Actor of Bigfoot
"Your site is awesome! I love your passion. Don't ever
Debbie Brown - Manchester, UK.
"It's great to know I can count on one site for all my
horror needs."
James Lacy - Portland, OR.
"Finally, a website that champions independent horror
as it should!"
Eric Fox - Northern California
"When I need advanced screening tickets I count on Old
School Horror!"
Gary Ross - Fairport, OH.
"Keep bringing those "Famous Monsters of Filmland"!    
Frank Kramer  NE Ohio
Red Wolf Lovecraft

Height: 5'11" Weight: 160lbs. Brown
hair, hazel eyes and tan complexion.
Likes: Horror films, studying Native
American cultures and fantasy football.
Dislikes: Bad drivers who cause road
rage and buck-toothed prostitutes.
Dr. Igor N. Stein

Height: 5'7" Weight: 182lbs. Black hair,
brown eyes and pale skin. Likes:
Midnight strolls through the cemetery
with a pick & shovel, human anatomy,
old movies and a really good Ham &
Cheese sandwich! Dislikes: Bungling
assistants, mobs with torches and axes,
too much mayo, bad movies and people
named Abby normal!
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