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Old School Horror
was launched in 2005 as an interactive horror magazine and personal blog by Nicholas J. Villa II as a class project for his final requirement of an Associated Degree in Business. Word of mouth and clever keywords were the only tools he used to promote the "project" he created. Within three months of the launch, OSH.com was receiving over 50 unique hits per day and in October of year one the hits climbed to over 300! Thus began the evolution of Old School Horror.

To set OSH.com apart from the rest, a group of talented and unusual individuals were assembled and the start-up phase began in 2006. To set us apart from the rest, only OSH.com highlights independent horror and provides truthful opinions of the works we review. We pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity to our readers - you the fans of horror! With our strong roots for the love of classic horror, we will always champion the cause for great horror; both of the past and present!

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Introducing the Old School Horror Staff:

Nicholas J Villa II - Founder and Chief Editor, Nicholas Villa is the visionary leader of Old School Horror. For over 3 decades, he has studied the genre of horror and is now ready to share his knowledge with the world.

F I S H - "The Fish" is our resident "wack-job". If anyone knows more about horror than Fish than they are a master of the genre! He writes our gossip and news columns, critics film, DVD and TV and is one of our celebrity/industry interviewers. Although he will not divulge his name and so forth, he does admit to a Bachelors of the Arts majoring in Journalism and has been writing in print for over 12 years. He is blunt, he is honest and he tells it like it is!

Nicholas Lovecraft - Nicholas Lovecraft is a veteran of fictional horror writing with over 25 years of experience. He is the lead journalist for Old School Horror; critiques of current film, home video and television, celebrity interviews, top stories and is also the associate editor for our humble electric rag. Mr. Lovecraft is also a writer of screenplays for both cinema and television and has exclusive rights with only OSH. And no, he is not related to the famous Lovecraft bloodline......we think?

H.P. Arkham - Mr. Arkham is obviously a pen name and this "lady" appreciates her privacy! She is a graduate of the University of Virginia and former lead reporter for The Roanoke Daily News. She contributes to the electric rag with reviews, editorials and top stories while also acting as our entire photography section!

Alex Boyles - Alex is the last of our fearless journalists, contributing in every way he can! He is also the newest member of the team and a welcomed addition! He is fresh out of school and looking to grow so please help him! We joke but he is a writer with great promise and we hope you will enjoy his style as much as we do.

Don Noe - Don is the newest member to the Old School Horror family! Don is the cyber-warrior that makes this website all possible and the main engine moving the website to greater heights. Don also is part of our critic panel and leaves nothing on the table when he's finished.


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