Old School Horror
couldn't start an all-new
segment without paying
tribute to the legendary
master of late night
horror hosting that
spanned a revolution,
Ghoulardi! In the short
span of three years he
managed to move a
community and launch a
dynasty at Cleveland's
own Channel 8 -
WJWTV. Said that even
crime itself stopped
when he was on the
airwaves, Ghoulardi was
KING in NE Ohio and the
surrounding viewing
areas. The only man and
only show to blow
Johnny Carson's Tonight
Show out in the Nelson
Ratings. And that's a
fact! Sadly he put down
his alter ego and headed
west to Hollywood where
he would briefly work
with friend Tim Conway
before moving on to
become ABC's "Color
Man" thru 2000. Rest In
Peace Ernie and thank
you for blessing us.
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